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Convener's Corner — October 2017

Brothers and Sisters in Christ;

Before the high tech automobiles of today, more attention was needed to make sure they performed well and didn't break down. We regularly added gas and checked the oil and fluids. Every 10,000 miles or so, a tune-up was needed, including checking the spark plugs, points, filters, etc. With good care, it would run dependably.

Much like our cars, our Via de Cristo Minnesota Secretariat is in need of a tune-up to continue running at our best. Each of our Districts will be assessing what is and is not working. Adjustments and changes will be made to accomplish stated goals. Each District has different areas that need attention, but we must all be on the same page as a Secretariat to perform at our best. This may not be an easy task. It will require prayer, commitment, willing leaders, negotiation, compromise, implementation and maintenance. Leadership alone cannot make this happen. As stated in 1 Corinthians 12:14, "For the body itself is not made up of only one part, but of many parts." As with our automobiles, we are made up of many parts and we must all be in good working order for us to run most efficiently and at our highest performance.

We all need to do our part by being active and engaged participants in Via de Cristo, through Renewal groups, Ultreyas and Leadership roles. We will strengthen our faith and improve our lives as well as others, knowing we are bringing others to Christ. It is especially alarming to see the divisiveness, violence and hatred all around us. But we can rest assured that God loves us and is always there to protect and comfort us. Much of the world today is taking the road most easily traveled. We need to take the narrow road, sometimes difficult, but always the right decision because we are the children of the Most High God.

In closing, I would like to thank Cindy Jo Christensen for her service as Communications Chair and welcome Hollie Jennings as the incoming Communications Chair. Communication is a key part of Via de Cristo, and we must all do our part to keep it working well.

God loves you and so do I,

Scott Erickson
Minnesota Via de Cristo Convener

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