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Coed Weekend #586

November 15-18, 2012
Our Savior's Lutheran, 1600 W Oakland Ave, Austin, MN (Map)

Weekend Scripture -- "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength." Mark 12:30 New Century Version

Position Name Church
Rector Jill Norell Scandian Grove Lutheran, Saint Peter
Spiritual Director Steve Carmany Granite Falls Lutheran, Granite Falls
Asst. Spiritual Director Becca Krogstad St. Matthew's Lutheran, Evan
  Dennis Tamke Fourth Avenue UMC, Faribault
Asst. Rectors Sandy Peterson Fourth Avenue UMC, Faribault
  Dave Reedstrom Calvary Lutheran, Mankato
  Elmer Rettig St. Matthew's Lutheran, Stewart
Musician Susan Strong Trinity Lutheran, Owatonna
Rollistas Mike Ahrens Bethel Lutheran, Northfield
  Ruth Benedict Our Savior's Lutheran, Fairfax
  Steven Renquist Bethel Lutheran, Willmar
  Pam Wetzell  
Table Leaders Michelle Coopman Calvary Lutheran, Rapidan
  Barb Henwood Bethel Lutheran, Northfield
  Mary Peterson St. Matthew's Lutheran, Evan
Palanca Rector Nan Winsell Trinity/Hegre Lutheran, West Concord
Asst. Palanca Rector Arlen Brekke First Lutheran, Ellendale
Spiritual Director Vicki Toutges Our Savior's Lutheran, Fairfax
Palanca Team Coleen Brekke First Lutheran, Ellendale
  ReNae Horak St. John Lutheran, Owatonna
  Brenda Howard-Larson Hosanna! Lutheran, Lakeville
  Hollie Jennings Christ Church, Cannon Falls
  Jess Lanes Scandian Grove Lutheran, St. Peter
  Tana Lunz Faith Lutheran, Madelia
  Amy Owens Faith Lutheran, Madelia
  Leon Peterson St. Matthew's Lutheran, Evan
  Dawn Renquist Bethel Lutheran, Willmar
  Tammy Sather Bethany Lutheran, Morgan
  Dianne Cummins  
  Jane Timmerman Our Savior's Lutheran, Spring Valley
  Lois Warszynski Bethel Lutheran, Willmar
Kitchen Rector Anne Detlefsen Greenfield Lutheran, Harmony
Asst. Kitchen Rector Carol Reedstrom Calvary Lutheran, Mankato
Kitchen Musician Katie Palmer  
Kitchen Team Mark Abrahamson Rejoice! Lutheran, Northfield
  Ed Durand Bethel Lutheran, Northfield
  Harlan McCorkell Calvary Lutheran, Mankato
  Linda McCorkell Calvary Lutheran, Mankato
  Steve Palmer  
  Victoria Reedstrom Calvary Lutheran, Mankato
  Rose Tamke First Methodist, Austin
  Linda Vomhof Our Saviors Lutheran, Spring Valley
  Paul Vomhof Our Saviors Lutheran, Spring Valley
4th Day Rector Ken Kujath Our Savior's Lutheran, Spring Valley
Asst. 4th Day Rector Marian Mallory First Presbyterian, Mankato
Asst. 4th Day Rector Russ Reistad First Lutheran, Ellendale
Treasurer Joan Kujath Our Savior's Lutheran, Spring Valley
4th Day Team Dan Alt St. Matthew's Lutheran, Evan
  Amy Haigh Bethlehem Lutheran, Mankato
  Sean Mallory First Presbyterian, Mankato
  LoRi Morrissey Mount Olive, Rochester
  Matt Morrissey Mount Olive, Rochester
  Alan Olson Good Shepherd Lutheran, Wells
  Coni Olson Good Shepherd Lutheran, Wells
  Sharlylyn Pioske Central Lutheran, Fairfax
  Stephanie Silvers Greenfield Lutheran, Harmony