State & Metro Council

2024-2025 State Council

Elected Council members are elected to three-year terms and may serve up to two terms.
Appointed positions are reviewed annually.

Greg Thompson - Convenor
Chris Van Hofwegen - Asst Convenor
Open - Spiritual Director
Rosanna Chambliss - Secretary
Veronica Van Pelt - Communications
Loren Van Pelt - Operations
Monica Voss - Newsletter Editor
Janine Schimmelman - Finance Director/State Treasurer/Admin

State Board Meeting

First Monday of every month via Zoom

Message the Convenor for the Zoom link


Metro Council

Carol Hellen - Metro Director 
Kirstin Gonzalez - Past Metro Director
Pastor Steve Carlson - Spiritual Director
LouAnn Skillings - Secretary
Stephanie Christianson - Palanca
Jason Christianson - Music
Wayne Meyer - Ultreyas
Joe Remley - Liaisons
Kim Heilmann - Allocations
Pete McCloy - Trailer and Supplies
Jonathon Heilmann - Site Selection
Council members - Leadership training